Ghana’s Financial Technology (FinTech) state of play 2022

  1. Dedicated Electronic Money Issuer
  2. Payment Service Provider (Scheme)
  3. Payment Service Provider (Enhanced)
  4. Payment Service Provider (Medium)
  5. Payment Service Provider (Standard)
  1. FinTech Support and value-added services
  2. Payment processing & switching
  3. Insurance & Pensions Crowdfunding, AgroTech and Proptech
  4. Remittances/ currency exchange and cross border
  5. Savings/investments & personal finance
  6. Securities trading & assets management
  7. Crypto currency/Blockchain
  8. Digital lenders and credit
  9. Buy now and pay later
  10. Mobile money support services, agency and informal banking
  11. Digital Bank
Ghana Fintech Firms map 2022



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